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Moore County, NC

1 Courthouse Square , Carthage, NC, 28327, US


Moore County Tax Department
One Court House Square
Carthage NC 28327
(910) 947-2255
Fax: (910) 947-6340

Welcome to the Moore County Tax Department.

The following disclaimer is provided for the Moore County Tax Data Base.

Please read the following information prior to submitting any request for information form.

This database is provided as a public service to the citizens of Moore County, and is not intended to replace any official source.

These records are made available for informational purposes only, gathered from various sources, some which are updated frequently.

This information should not be considered to be completely error-free or to include all relevant information; nor should it be used as an exclusive basis for decision-making.

The viewer, of this database, understands and accepts that the use of any information is strictly voluntary and at the viewer's sole risk.

Although, every effort has been made to ensure that the material presented in this database, is accurate and timely, the information is presented "as is" and without warranties, either expressed or implied, including warranties regarding the content of legislative information; merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose; and non-infringement of proprietary rights.

Outside requests are processed in the order received but daily operations to meet statutory requirements do take precedence over outside data requests. Processing an outside request could take as long as six weeks to complete.

All questions or comments regarding this database should be directed to the Moore County Tax Customer Service Department at (910) 947-2255.

P.O. Box 457. One Courthouse Circle. Carthage, North Carolina 28327.
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