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Moore County, NC

1 Courthouse Square , Carthage, NC, 28327, US


Change of Use Permit Application Packet

The Moore County Planning and Inspections Department and other County Departments
review applications and plans. Upon review and approval of all aspects of your application, a Change of Use Permit shall be issued. The permit fees must be paid when you pick up the Change of Use Permit and before operation may begin.

Customer Service Counter:
The following functions and services are available through the Customer Service Counter at Moore County Planning and Inspections Department:
• Questions about the permit process are answered
• You can pick up application forms
• Submit permit applications
• Questions about the change in use application are answered
• Fees may be paid

Project Review Team (PRT) Meetings Required for Commercial Development:
Project Review Team Meetings are required for Commercial Development Projects taking place within the
unincorporated Moore County. Project Review Team Meetings are scheduled by the Planning Staff. The
purpose of the PRT Meeting is to have all key players associated with the proposed project in the same room to provide the customer with exemplary customer service to ensure all the information and requirements are shared and are clear when the developer leaves our office.

Each county staff member who reviews your application relies on accurate information from you to determine if your submittal meets all the requirements of commercial development within the County of Moore. If your application does not accurately reflect existing conditions and what you are proposing to do, there could be significant delays in obtaining your permit. Please look through the following requirements of the review areas to avoid delays.

Permit Issuance:
Upon approval of all required reviews, a Change of Use Permit will be issued. Building permit fees must be paid at the time of picking up the permit. You will receive a permit card that must be posted on the job and a general information sheet that should be retained for your records. The permit card must be kept at the job site, waterproof, and weather tight and be readily accessible to the inspector.

Your building permit is good for six months from the date of issuance. If no activity has occurred after the six month time period, your permit will be deemed expired. You must show activity through an inspection, on your permit during the first 6 months then every twelve months to keep the permit active. Permits stay active for one year from the date of the last inspection. Expired permits must be renewed and all applicable fees paid. When a permit expires and the scope of work has not changed, the permit may simply be renewed. If the permit has expired and the scope of work for the project has changed, a new permit may be issued for the project.

Inspection Requests:
Inspection requests shall be called into the Planning and Inspections Department at 910-947-2221 or 910-947-5010 between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The requests will be promptly scheduled. Footing and slab inspections will, if possible, be done the following day in the morning. A 24 hour next day
inspection is what we aim to accomplish if scheduling allows.

  • Completed Miscellaneous Change of Use Permit Application. Applications are found within our department, Planning and Inspections located at 1048 Carriage Oaks Drive, Carthage, NC 28327, or online at, Department, Planning and Inspections Applications. If you would like to speak with someone regarding this permit our telephone number is 910-947-5010 or 910-947-2221.
  • If the Change of Use proposed is taking place within a Municipality’s Jurisdiction, approval from the jurisdiction must be included and submitted with the completed application.
  • If the Change of Use proposed is located within the Unincorporated Moore County the applicant will need to meet with the Current Planner on staff to discuss the proposed Change of Use to confirm the use proposed will be allowed/permitted.
  • Engineer approval to confirm Change of Use meet all the necessary requirements of the proposed use.
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